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Free School Meals for ALL primary school children! 

We're the principal school catering provider within the London Borough of Waltham Forest

We work in partnership with schools and families in Waltham Forest and neighbouring boroughs, to ensure all children and young people are healthy and well fed during their school day. We pride ourselves on almost 70 years of experience in delivering a top quality, reputable service. We provide fresh, tasty and nutritious food using organic produce, all while keeping our costs low with a not for profit agenda.

2022 Winner UK Greenest School Menu League

'Waltham Forest Catering has done everyone in the borough proud. They provide tasty, award-winning meals that kids love and helps our young people make greener choices every day.' Councillor Alistair Strathern, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People

'I must say that is the best food I have ever eaten'

- Pupil from Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary & Nursery School, Walthamstow.


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Our food


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Waltham Forest Catering, Room 203, 313 Billet Road, Walthamstow, E17 5PX.

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