Food themed events

Food themed events can get students excited about school food and help your school engage with parents and the wider community.  Especially if your school holds a variety of international and culturally themed events. 

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Back in Spring/Summer 2022, we tested some new vegan dishes including Pulled Jackfruit Wraps and Smokey Jackfruit Jambalaya.

Deborah Gibbon, Head teacher at Jenny Hammond Primary School in Walthamstow said:

'Our Eco Warriors were lucky enough to have been chosen to taste new vegan dishes to go on to our weekly menu at lunchtimes. Thank you to WF catering, our favourite was the Jackfruit wraps.

Can't wait for them to be on the menu.'

'We were very happy to see our favourite choice from the taster session get chosen to go on the menu'. Barbara, Jamie, Isabel, Jenny Hammond Primary School

'In the taster session the food was delicious. It’s great to be an Eco-warrior and to be asked to take part in the vegan menu tasting and help the environment'. Rana and Makai, pupils from Jenny Hammond Primary School



'Dear Janet and the other school cooks


Thank you for that AMAZING christmas lunch.

The food was really good and we really enjoyed it. I must say that is the best food I have ever eaten. You know when you feel full but you still want to finish all that food? This was worthy of that.


Sometime you need to tell me your secret formula (like the secret krabby patty formula) because that food was absolutely delicious! Oh and that one day when you did the hot & kicking chicken and wedges and then you seasons it. That was the best non-christmas lunch EVER!

You did a really good job on making that hot kicking chicken and wedges keep the good work up!'

Pupil from Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary & Nursery School, Walthamstow.


Parent Taster Event


'Just to say, I was very impressed that there was a large selection of hot food available at the open evening for parents to sample - I think this is a brilliant idea as parents so often don’t get a chance to sample the food that their children are offered in school.

I thought the selection was great, it was hot which is not always easy when catering for large numbers and the food was tasty. In short, I was very pleased with the food that we had the opportunity to sample and I feel reassured that my boys will be able to have good healthy food.'  Debbie Dyer Parent Heathcote Secondary School