Our Policies

Our policies are fundamental to how we work.

We've continually improved and developed the catering service in line with healthy eating guidance food trends and other legislative changes. 

We aim to buy local food as it's fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.  Also because of the shorter distribution chains for local foods, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising.

'Having vegan choices on our menu is great for the planet and it’s not right to hurt animals – it’s just wrong!' Mason, Pupil at Jenny Hammond Primary School 

Read more about our main policies listed below.

  • We’ve removed endangered species - those rated as 'fish to avoid' by the Marine Conservation Society wherever possible 
  • We serve MSC-certified fish and those rated 'fish to eat' 
  • Our food meets the Government's school foods standards
  • We buy local in Britain to protect our carbon footprint. 





    For the future of our oceans

    We're committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans and have signed the Sustainable Fish City pledge.
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    Meeting Government standards

    Food served in some schools and academies founded before 2010 and after June 2014 in England, must meet the Government's school food standards to ensure that children have healthy, balanced diets.
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    Prioritising health & safety

    To protect both our customers and staff there are many aspects to be considered . Our Food Safety Policy has carefully considered all the significant risks and has put in place safeguards and procedures which are regularly reviewed.
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